Thursday, March 24, 2022

Changed And Unchanged

Unfortunately, after the 2020 fire, the Forest Service permitted lots of clearcutting around Breitenbush - on the road from Detroit, next to the guest parking lot and in the summer home area. Breitenbush also cut many fire damaged trees on the property including the whole guest cabin area and around where the Sanctuary and massage buildings were. The stumps were pulled and some areas have been replanted.


Some areas on the drive from Detroit look like this

Breitenbush is getting some big work done

The entrance is no longer tree-lined

The parking lot and the grounds are less crowded

You can now see Devils Ridge from the parking lot

The smoking shelter is now exposed

The old cabin area with Buddha's Playhouse on the left

Former A row cabin ridge with Buddha's Playhouse on the right

The missing Sanctuary and old recycle shed area is replanted

Massage building and trees gone above the bridge

The now exposed ridge above the bridge

Near meadow pool

Magic pool is intact but not the woods behind

Inner Path is now very short

The Boneyard has a view now

The Hill Cabin is getting remodeled into lodging spaces

Some new changing buildings in the meadow

Milky Way is moved to where the guest bathhouse was

Far meadow pool's view is still great

The bridge's downstream view is the same

Upstream view is the same except no dam now

Labyrinth is still there

Paths are intact

Platform tent area looks the same

Lodge and lawn are good

Lobby and dining now in the lodge north wing

Monday, January 4, 2021

Sounds of Breitenbush

Breitenbush River 


Snow Falling

Sauna In The Dark

 Tiny Stream

Hot Spring Shrine At Night

Walking In Snow Before Dawn

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Fire In Detroit And N. Santiam Canyon

On Labor Day Sept. 7 strong hot dry winds fanned a forest fire through Breitenbush and the North Santiam Canyon burning many buildings. Breitenbush was forced to close and it's residents to evacuate quickly. Breitenbush and the road to it are still closed indefinitely until damages can be repaired. I was able to go on the property to get some possessions in early Dec. and took many photos. I am making 3 posts of them. One is what Breitenbush lost to the fire, one shows what survived and the third shows damage to Detroit and other areas.


The town of Detroit and the N. Santiam Canyon were hit hard by forest fire in Sept. Most of the commercial buildings and half of the homes in Detroit burned. Many people lost their cabins in the Summer Homes area and along the N. Santiam River.


some mountains around Detroit Lake burned

some areas did not burn

the gas station and marina by it burned

All Seasons Motel is gone 

Mountain High store survived and hopes to open in March

Cedars restaraunt and bar didn't make it
half of the Lodge at Detroit Lake burned
the post office is still standing but not open yet

 City Hall and the fire station are gone
Kane's Marina burned

many trailers by Kane's Marina burned

the old hardware store, fire station, city hall buildings

the store at the far end of town
church not spared
homes gone
must be a good joke here
the new city park survived
the improvements at Detroit Flats also survived

lots of salvage logging happening in the 1st 3 miles from Detroit on Hwy 46

when will clear cutting stop being the norm?

along the road in
the last 7 miles of Hwy 46 before Breitenbush looks pretty good
at least the Breitenbush Campground escaped damage